Rise of the Machines – M2M Report

» Posted on Jan 4, 2013

Here is a very informative report from The Economist which has a great overview of the future of the M2M landscape:

For M2M advocates, the dawn of 2012 offers much hope, as many of the vital building blocks for the technology have steadily been falling into place. So what has changed to mark this transition, and what will drive take-up in the next decade? Marc Sauter, the head of global M2M business development at Vodafone, a mobile communications firm, argues that there has been an “inflection point”, with a range of developments helping to make the technology less complex, while costs have fallen. Future drivers vary across vertical markets, but are likely to include one or more of the following:

  • Falling costs, wider connectivity and maturing technologies
  • Regulatory mandates
  • A growing range of successful applications and business models
  • Efficiency returns in an age of austerity
  • A maturing provider ecosystem
  • Rise of the cloud.

Read the full report here:




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