XE8000 SMS Controller

 Legacy Product Information

Production Status: Obsolete

The XE8000 SMS Controller is a communications device that connects to a GSM modem to allow wireless remote and mobile Data Acquisition, Monitoring and Control via GSM Networks. The XE8000 allows logging of data to internal memory and to a web-based database for secure access through a web browser. Multiple users can interrogate the XE8000 or be notified on configurable events.


The XE8000 supports up to 10 users. Each user can interrogate the device for current input status. Users can be notified based on changes to each input or output. Configuration tables allow inputs and outputs to be allocated to specific users.


The XE8000 has four 1 Amp Open Collector Outputs. These may be controlled with SMS messages from approved users. Outputs states can be logged.


The XE8000 has four inputs that can be independently configured as:

  • 4-20mA 10 bit Analog Inputs
  • 0-5 Volt 10 bit Analog Inputs
  • Voltage-free Clean-contact Digital Inputs

Logging, alarming, and user notification settings can be set independently for each input. Input One can be used for Power Supply Monitoring (see below).

Power Supply

The XE8000 operates from a 10-30VDC power source. It draws less then 50mA.

Power Supply Monitoring

The first input of the XE8000 can be used to monitor either IN1 or the Power Supply. An internal jumper must be changed to select either option. The factory default is Power Supply monitoring. The Power Supply can be logged and trigger alarms based on user-defined setpoints.


SMS messages can be sent to users when an input reaches an alarm state or when an output changes. The following setpoint configurations are available:

  • Alarm when above set point. A reset point is implemented.
  • Alarm when below set point. A reset point is implemented.
  • Alarm when inside set and reset points.
  • Alarm when outside set and reset points.

Data Logging

Inputs can be logged to the 256K of internal memory or to Advanced Information Networks’ web-based logging system. Data may be accessed via Advanced Information Networks Client Area as online graphs, reports and CSV downloads. There is a monthly access fee for this service.

Inputs can be scanned up to every 30 seconds. Logging can be as frequent as every 30 seconds. Different logging rates can be applied when an alarm is present. Instantaneous or averaged values can be logged.


The XE8000 has a number of in-built security features: Caller ID security and User-specific PIN numbers provide authentication for device interrogation and control.

Web Configuration

The XE8000 SMS Controller can be remotely configured from the Advanced Information Networks Website Client Area. Configuration options include message content, system settings, the device phone book (user information), and alarm and data-logging settings. This saves the time and money involved with reconfiguration on-site. Multiple devices can be configured in geographically remote or distant locations all from your web browser.


Data can be passed from the GSM Modem to an external serial device (on the secondary RS232 port) and visa versa. This provides direct communication to an additional external serial device over a wireless data link. Examples include PLCs or specialized instrumentation equipment.

SMS Command Mode

An external serial device can send SMS messages with a proprietary AT command set. This provides the option of an additional communications platform to an existing PLC-based system, via SMS messaging. This may provide some redundancy and additionally allows remote notification when required.

Production Status

Since its release in 2002 this product has had 10 years of strong operational performance over a range of industrial and commercial applications. However it is now obsolete.




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