Live-Link OEM Module

The Live-Link OEM Module is a monitoring and control device with 2 input and 2 outputs. It operates on GSM networks and uses SMS Messaging for alarm notification and remote control, and GPRS to communicate with a web server for event logging and configuration.

It supports a wide supply voltage of 10-42VDC. It is available as an OEM module for users who want to SMS-enable or web-enable their equipment.

Application Specific Firmware

The firmware on this device can be customised to your requirements. It runs software on the OpenAT Operating System. Either we can develop the firmware for you, or you we can provide you with schematics and firmware libraries (under NDA and licensing agreements) so that you can develop it yourself.  For this you will need the Sierra Wireless Application Framework software which is available from the Sierra Wireless Developer Zone.

Application Specific Web Server

By default the Live-Link OEM Module communicates with our web server for configuration and event logging. We can customise the web server functionality to suit your application, or help you build a portal so that these devices can communicate with your server.

Electronics Integration

Design assistance is available so that you can smoothly integrate this device into your equipment at a hardware level.



The AirPrime™ embedded modem has global type approvals.

Production Status



Please contact us for technical information, or business opportunities.

Application Notes