M2M Gateway

Our Machine to Machine Gateway is available for you to log information from your remote devices to our Web Server, where it can be accessed by your team.

A range of SMS and HTTP APIs are available. There are a number of factors to discuss when setting you up your access:

  • GPRS and SMS communications offer different advantages in terms of reliability, latency, and cost, so it important we understand your system at both the technical and business level.
  • What processing power do you have available on your device? An embedded PC will be able to do different things than a PLC will. This may affect your ability to format transmitted data packets.
  • What level of security do you need? There are two main considerations: 1) Authentication (ensuring the device and server are infact talking to eachother), and, 2) Encryption (keeping your data secret in transit).
  • How much data do you need to send, and how often? This impacts on cellular network costs, and our server loading.

We have a Watchdog that will notify you if the web server does not receive data from any of your devices within a certain time limit.

Please contact us for more information.


Application Notes