Live-Link Tank Controller

The Live-Link Tank Controller is a remote tank monitoring and control device with inputs for 2 level sensors, and outputs for two pumps. It operates on GSM networks and uses SMS Messaging for alarm notification and remote control, and GPRS to communicate with a web server for event logging and configuration. The IP67 rated Polycarbonate enclosure is intended for outdoor use.


The Tank Controller supports up to 10 users, organised in two groups of 5:

  • The first 5 users receive notifications for input and output changes, and system alarms (ie Low Power).
  • The other 5 users just receive the input and output change notifications.

Each user can interrogate the device for the current status of the system.

Pump Outputs

There are two open-collector outputs that are controlled with SMS messages from the users. When an output changes, all users are notified by SMS and email, and the change is logged to our web server.

Sensor Inputs

There are two clean-contact level sensor inputs that are continuously monitored. A debounce timer ensures that the new input state is stable for a preset time before registering the change. The the input change has been registered, all users are notified by SMS and email, and the change is logged to our web server.

Power Supply

The Live-Link SMS Controller features a wide input voltage range of 10-42VDC. The supply voltage is monitored, and SMS and email notifications will be sent to the first 5 users if it drops below a pre-configured level. Return-to-normal notifications are sent when the voltage rises 1V above the low power set point.

The supply voltage is logged to our web server.

Event Logging

All events are logged to our web server.

Any SMS messages received that did not originate from one of the authorised users are logged and sent to the first 5 users. This is so that you capture and messages sent from your cellular network provider.

Web Configuration

To save you time and money involved with on-site reconfiguration, the SMS Controller is remotely configured from our Client Area. Configuration options include:

  • Site Name
  • System Settings
  • Phone Book

Watchdog Timer

Our web server keeps a close eye on the SMS Controllers to ensure they communicate with it within a certain time limit. If it does not receive data on time, it will send out an alarm message to the first 5 users to let them know that there may be a problem with the power supply or the cellular network connection.



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