About Us

We live in a world where there is no shortage of information, perhaps too much for people to easily manage and interpret unaided. Advanced Information Networks grew out of the desire to see information used in intelligent and profitable ways within business organizations. The Internet and other new technologies create the means by which relevant information can be collected, managed, displayed and interpreted more easily than ever before.

Advanced Information Networks offers a unique synthesis of:

  • Progressive Data Processing, Interpretation and Presentation
  • Powerful Web-based Application Development
  • Cutting Edge Electronics Development and Integration

to deliver information to your business in more efficient and useful ways.

Advanced Information Networks provides solutions based on new technology that allows:

  • information to be collected that has been previously unavailable or not feasible to collect
  • information to be delivered directly to the people and systems that require it – when they need it and how they need it
  • information to be used to reduce costs and time and improve returns.

Advanced Information Networks has a proven history in:

  • the Development of New Technology in diverse areas
  • the Development and Implementation of Business Solutions
  • Statistical Analysis and Advanced Research Methods.


Business Opportunities

We are currently looking expressions of interest from:

  • International Distributors with strong sales history, and the ability to provide local technical support.
  • OEMs (Original Engineering Manufacturers) and ODMs (Original Device Manufacturers) looking for M2M hardware and web server technology.